The Philadelphia Flyers Have Given Up The Most Goals In The NHL This Season, Also Just Made The Save Of The Year

This team, man. This goddamn team. Nothing about them makes any sense. 

The Flyers have wasted this entire season with Carter Hart regressing into a shell of himself and Brian Elliott essentially being useless. They have given up the same amount of goals this season (182) as the Buffalo Sabres, but in one fewer game. So goaltending has been an absolute disaster to an already disastrous season. And then Alex Lyon goes out and makes a save like this tonight against Pittsburgh in a game that doesn't even matter because the Flyers have already been mathematically eliminated the the Penguins have already clinched their playoff spot. 

Uhhhhh where the fuck was that in March? Where was anything remotely resembling that earlier in the season when the team could have actually used a guy making a huge save? 

Even when the Flyers do something incredible like that save, it drives me insane. Because it just further proves the point that this team was capable of so much more than they gave us this year. The talent is there, but they were just a bunch of underachieving dick bags this year. Sweet save, though.