Morel Mushrooms Are The Delicacy Of The Woods And You Should Eat Some Immediately

Morel mushrooms, the delicacy of the woods, will literally make you feel like you finally won money after buying $3 lottery tickets for two months straight (no correlation between the start of this habit and my start at Barstool Sports). If you are a mushroom lover then morels will blow your mind! Just to clear the air morel mushrooms do not have a psychedelic effect after rereading those two last sentences I can see where the confusion could have occurred. Morel mushroom hunting is like a holiday where I am from in Illinois. Once turkey season opens up everyone knows it's about that time to start looking for morels. The end of April or early May is the best time to find them depending on the weather. Warm temperatures and rain are the two main factors needed for them to start popping up. They are found under wooded areas, specifically under dead cotton wood and dead elm trees. They can be hard to find, so once we are about 10 feet away from the tree we always make sure to check in front of us before each step. These mushrooms have a honey combed look and are hollow inside. They can be gray or yellow and vary in size.

The interesting thing about morel mushrooms is that nobody has really cracked the code on how to grow them. They are hard to commercially produce because of their temperature and moisture conditions. Either way I prefer the natural challenge and excitement that comes with finding your first morel of the year.

When we fry them we try not to add too much to the mushrooms so we can really taste their flavor. They don't have a slimy texture like other mushrooms and are absolutely delicious! We prepare morel mushrooms by frying them. 

How my family and I fry them:

  1. Cut the smaller mushrooms right down the middle and cut the bigger ones like slicing an onion
  2. Rinse them, do NOT soak
  3. Add salt and pepper to flour in a baggy 
  4. Place morels in baggy and lightly coat them with flour mixture
  5. Finally, fry them in olive oil

There are tons of different recipes for Morels. For example some people will add morels into their pasta dishes or on their cheese burger. A lot of people like to eat morels as a side dish. 

Leave a comment below on how you cook your morels!