Luis Robert Tears His Hip Flexor And I Want To Puke My Brains Out

I just landed in NYC. I fucking HATE this city. It pisses me off that I have to be in this Godforsaken dump of a city and an hour after I land? Boom, Luis Robert is out for extended amount of time. If you're counting at home, the White Sox now have 2.5 of their starting OF on the DL, with Eloy and now Robert out till god knows when. Engel's still 3 weeks away at the earliest from returninging.

This absolutely fucking sucks. There's no spinning this. Absolutely heartbroken. 

Why can't we have nice things? This absolutely fucking blows in every single way, for more about a billion reasons. Apparently it doesn't even matter if he gets surgery or not right now because the timeline is the exact same for both routes:

That places us in mid-September at the VERY EARLIEST that he's back. At that point, with the amount of offense that the White Sox are losing with him and Eloy out, who knows if it'll even be worth it to bring him back at that point. It's going to be TOUGH to make a trade for a suitable replacement, and even if another team is ready to sell, they'll know the White Sox are desperate and will try their hardest to fleece them. 

Will Hahn and the rest of the front office be open to that? No idea. What I do know is that unless the pitching staff DOMINATES, I'm personally not confident in calling this a surefire playoff team as it stands right now. Windows open and close fast, and the White Sox are in the heart of their contention window. This is fucking awful in every single way.

I don't know what to do. I don't know how to sugar coat this. To me, there is no sugar coating. This is a player that hasn't even been CLOSE to tapping into his all world ceiling. I was telling a few people in the stands on Saturday that Robert hasn't even gotten hot yet and outside of Mercedes, he's been their best all around player. Time for Abreu, TA, Gio, Lynn, Moncada, Rodon, etc. to try and put this team on their backs and carry them to the playoffs. Tall task. 

I can't keep doing this. Being a sports fan absolutely sucks. Why do we have so much emotional investment into shit we can't control? Really doesn't make sense if you think about it for .0002 seconds. I'm just over it.

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Oh, and hopefully La Russa stops fucking around with playing the bench non stop. They are THIN right now. Keep the best players on the field as much as possible. They don't have runs to spare anymore