We Need More Videos From Draft Rooms Like This One Of Broncos GM George Paton Hanging Up On Another GM Mid-Trade Talk


Who hasn't sat around with their friends and wondered how exactly trade talks go down? As it turns out, it's exactly how you think. Just phone calls, leveraging, cursing at each other, lying, one-upping, and hoping it all winds up in your favor. It's a little like Survivor, you have to hope the person you need to believe you when you say "we have a better offer from someone else" actually believes you. It's a lot of leveling wars, a lot of gamesmanship, and I for one love it. I don't know how much access into NFL draft war rooms we can get because teams might not want to tip their draft strategies and theories, but I am such a sucker for that type of thing. 

And on that note, I am also curious how many (if any?) teams use a math or game theory guy to help calculate value in trade situations. How they assign values to players based on position, team need, *other* teams needs, etc. For example, if you're the Bengals, you don't need a QB. So you can then leverage your position to teams that do need a QB...but also vice versa. Lots of mind games.

I actually love how inaccurate drafting still is. I hate mock drafts and all of that. Grading teams drafts the day after is the dumbest shit anyone does. Nobody knows anything, you quite literally are just grading based on your own arrogance. It makes me chuckle when people say a player slipped into the 2nd round and had a "first round grade"....says who though? Certainly not every single GM in the league...so did the player really slip or are you just a shitty evaluator? And then a week after the draft nobody remembers any mocks, any grades, etc. It's all such a sham. It's so stupid.

But on a more positive note, this video of Riverboat calling new TE John Bates was very cool



Actually, all the calls are cool. 



PS: We drafted the Cheeseman. I'm stoked.