If You Want To Have A Wedding During A Big Sporting Event You Need To Be Prepared For People To Not Pay Any Attention To You

There are few things I'd consider myself near an expert on however, both sides of this video? Yeah, I feel confident about this. You see I'm married - shocking, I know. I had very little rules or requirements for my wedding except for having it on a day when nothing was going on and an open bar. Two strict requirements to marry me. 

You see if you have a wedding during a big event like the Kentucky Derby, be prepared for this. There's a strong likelihood that the groom and bride had this discussion. Promises not to get mad if people weren't staring in their phones. The Kentucky Derby is one of those events where people are going to watch. It's a few minutes, but it also happens during your first dance. No one cares about your first dance except for family anyways. If you're engaged and planning a wedding just know that. 

But this is also about those in attendance. This is how you properly watch a big event during a wedding. Don't make a show of it. Hide it a little bit and show some respect. You'll make a fool of yourself as you hit the open bar and the moment after Shout comes on. Just don't miss Shout. Whatever you do, don't miss Shout. 

If you have to deal with going to a wedding during a sporting event that you want to watch here are the rules. First off be respectful. Hide it like you're filming a dance or a speech. Just have it open on your phone, volume off. That's the key. No volume. Don't be the asshole with your phone on with a play by play and Larry Collmus going nuts. Also if you have to celebrate or get pissed, a quiet fist pump. High five under the table with a buddy if you have to. It's all about the perfect mix. 

Again, I know it's typically not with the argument with your significant other, but try to look at the schedule and avoid a major event if possible. If it's not a specific date, push it a week either way.