Steelers Decline Terrell Edmunds 5th Year Option Which Begs The Question (Again) of Why They Drafted Him In The 1st Round

Any time you have to decline the 5th year option on a guy you drafted in the 1st round is tough. I don't care if it was at the end of round 1 in 2018, we all were a bit shook that we heard Edmunds' name called. Especially after the Edmunds everyone expected to go high in the first (Tremaine) went where he was supposed to. 

We went from all-time high with Ryan Shazier miraculously walking across stage with his wife to announce the pick to just "eh" after he said "Terrell Edmunds...Virginia Tech". Sure, it was pre-Minkah days and there were certainly questions on the backend of the defense, but really? This guy?

I honest to God hadn't heard anything about him besides "oh yeah he's the brother of the better guy everyone should want". 


And to be fair to Edmunds he hasn't been a "bust". Came in and started as a rookie and has played a solid role back there ever since, but that's just the thing. "Solid" is a tough pill to swallow when it comes to first round picks. Just seems like, from afar, he's taken the Mike Mitchell safety role of a day late and dollar short especially revolving big plays. 

My family damn near threw a parade when he picked off Jake Luton against Jacksonville then when he did it AGAIN in the SAME GAME??? Holy shit. 

At the end of the day, even though he hasn't been "worthy of a first round pick" traditionally speaking, it is a little surprising they didn't just pick it up to keep the gang together with a solid veteran presence back there instead of rolling with the young guys like Tre Norwood who they drafted on Saturday. 

For all the "you shouldn't have drafted Najee Harris round 1" I say look at a pick like Edmunds in 2018. Draft a reach because of a need (o-line in 2021) then you find yourself disappointed.