SHOCKING Development - LeBron Wants People Fired And The NBA To Change Completely Because The Lakers Stink Right Now

I'm not here to debate LeBron the player. That argument is pointless. I can't stand the guy but everyone knows he's a top-2 player ever. I'm here to talk about how this is why (unless you're a fan of the team) you can never get fully on board with LeBron. Oh you want people fired because of a play-in game? I don't know dude, win the game. Don't stink. I know, I know. Him and Anthony Davis were injured and missed time but I must have missed when the Lakers were the only team to deal with injuries. I must have missed when other teams overcame adversity and didn't lose to the Raptors. Pretty simple method here. 

Then I thought, maybe he had an excuse. Maybe he was still experiencing trauma from this HORRENDOUS, fierce, physical foul last night. 


I blogged it before but I actually like the play-in tournament. I like it even more now that so many people hate it. I can't help it. If I kinda like something and see everyone on the other side, I'm just going to fall in love harder. I refuse to change. I'm too stubborn at 34 to change. But I'm accepting change here. I'm not pulling a LeBron and want people fired because something isn't going his way. Wah, wah, wah. I didn't win and might have to play Steph in a play-in game. Again, bro, just win the fucking games. Pretty simple method to avoid all of this. Could be like the Knicks and win the games you're supposed to - I can't believe I typed that, but I had to. 

But this is LeBron in a nutshell. Best player in the game and then the moment something doesn't go his way he throws a temper tantrum. He's got too many yes men. Like I said, I'm not here to debate the player LeBron because that's stupid and pointless. But THIS, this is why he just can't be liked across the board. He does this and then gets mad when people talk about him as a villain. Just embrace it dude. Be the villain. Should have been the villain when you went to Miami but you couldn't stand people talking bad about you. So you ditched it and tried to be the cool guy again. 

The Lakers shouldn't be in the play-in game even after the injuries. This is LeBron lashing out just in case they stink even more down the stretch. They got the 6 spot right now tied with Portland who is in 7th. You have LeBron and AD back. No reason for them not to finish with a better record than Portland and avoid the play-in game. 

Fuck, I need the Lakers to be in the play-in game more than anything right now besides the Knicks getting the 4 seed in the East. You owe us basketball gods.