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HANG THE BANNER: Your New York Knicks Officially Can't Have A Losing Record For The First Time Since 2013

That's right talk your shit Julius and really let's all talk our shit, Knicks fans. Why not? We FINALLY have a winning record. We can't have a losing record for the entire season. I don't care how pathetic that sounds, it's time to celebrate. Fighting for a top-4 seed in the East? This is legit the most fun I've had watching the Knicks since 1994. I was seven. My son is closer to that age than I am. It's that sad, but it's also what makes this season so exciting. Shit, just look at some of these Tommy stats to prove a point. 

How can you not cheer for these guys? Yeah, sure if you happen to be one of the 6 Nets fans or stuck being a Sixers or Celtics fan? But this is the team that you went. They are OUR guys. I know this is Randle's third team, but he was signed as a free agent and developed under Thibs. 

Ho hum All-NBA year. Pretty decent if you're into that sort of thing. They drafted RJ Barrett - big jump as a 2nd year. They draft Immanuel Quickley - all-Rookie guy. They draft Obi Toppin who is filling a role off the bench. This is what the Knicks should do and it's paying off with the right coach hire and Leon Rose. 

All I know is there are 8 games left and the Knicks are 8 above .500: 

Get Canyon of Heroes ready. Get 7th Ave. ready. If you thought this city was going nuts for being .500 in February, you haven't seen anything yet. 

I'm only partly joking about the banner too. Doing this with James Dolan still running the show might deserve one. Get ready for the playoffs baby. We're here.