Long Snapper Thomas Fletcher Couldn't Understand the Panthers Had Drafted Him When Matt Rhule Called

For all of the awesome emotional stories we get every year out of the NFL Draft — which are incredible — this hilarious moment has to be my favorite of the 2021 Draft.

Matt Rhule called Alabama long snapper Thomas Fletcher to let him know the Panthers had drafted him with the 222nd pick. Fletcher, however, assumed he was going undrafted and that Rhule was asking if he was going to sign with Carolina as an undrafted free agent. So the Panthers' head coach had to reiterate to him that he didn't really have a choice to sign anywhere else, because they were selecting him.

I'm pretty sure Rhule was trying to play with him a bit, too, given how he first left it at, "You coming or what?" But it was awesome to hear the moment Fletcher found out a team was drafting him, when he obviously thought that wasn't going to happen.

I'd be lying if I said I could discern literally any long snapper from another in terms of how good they are, but I feel safe in assuming that Nick Saban has the best ones. And Fletcher sounds like an awesome dude who will make the most of his opportunity.