It's Never Been More Clear That The Most Important Thing To Dominate Horse Racing Is Having An Awesome Name

I know it's a bit weird talking about the Snake Draft on a Monday but when Eddie decides to drop a surprise Friday draft, we talk about it. Not only that but we're a couple days removed from the Kentucky Derby and I refuse to let the world stop talking about this beautiful sport. All I know is one thing is clear and stayed clear through the Kentucky Derby. Naming a horse is the most important thing in the sport.

I don't want to hear about pedigree, I don't want to hear about past performances or trainer/jock combo. Throw all that shit out of the window when it comes to horse racing. Look at the Derby. Essential Quality, fine name. But not a dominant name. That's not an A+ name. That's why that horse was beatable and eventually got beat. Oh the trainer of Medina Spirit? 

Need to know his thoughts on the name Essential Quality. I bet that's the first thing Bob Baffert does when he starts to get ready for a big race. Looks down the list of names. The man knows the key and I'm starting to catch on. Has nothing to do with digging in late and going gate to wire. 

I talked about it before, but I got to own a part of a horse once. In college my friends who are in the horse business bought a horse. We all got to pitch in and own a percentage. Now mind you we were (are) dumb, drunk 20 year olds but that horse's name? Kentuckysoliderboy. Soulja Boy was everywhere you could find a burned CD at the time and it always and I mean ALWAYS got the party going. 

Now I didn't get to name the horse, but that baby won its maiden at Churchill Downs and that's all that matters. It won as a LONGSHOT too, like 22-1. Pretty sure it was strictly due to naming the horse. It's the age old question that's asked all the time

It's legit one of the toughest question I can try to answer. I just don't know the answer. I blogged it before but I do think these are my options. Do I stick with something lefty? Maybe just go Blogging Machine. Blogging Machine can win a race at Keeneland. Sounds intimidating too. Maybe stick to my favorite and go Bounce Pass? That's a traditional horse that just competes. Last one on the track type of horse. 

All I know is there's nothing more important in horse racing than a quality name. Bob Baffert can't train a shitty named horse.