A High School Baseball Team In California Beat Their Rival In A Close One, 43-0.

What a way to kick off your high school rivalry week, eh? Montebello High School in California absolutely crushed their opponent, San Gabriel 43-0. An ass kicking of epic proportions. I'm willing to bet San Gabriel didn't get orange slices and Capri suns after the game because of their effort. 

The game started out like any other high school baseball game, Montebello put up 5 in the first which isn't unheard of. Plenty of teams give up runs in the first and claw back, but that isn't where the runs stopped. The Oilers exploded for 14 in the second, 7 in the third, and then to cap it all off they scored 17 in the 4th. 43 runs in 4 games would be pretty incredible, 43 runs in 4 innings is even crazier. 

The game had to go 5 to be official and once the 5th ended the game was over due to the mercy rule. Kind of funny the mercy rule is 10 after 5, game could have been called in the second if we're going by strictly a 10 run limit. Had to be brutal for those San Gabriel kids too. Only 1 hit on the board for them, I guess you can say it just wasn't their day. It sounds like the Montebello coaches basically had their kid going station to station after the first few innings regardless of where they hit the ball and weren't trying to run it in or anything. They only had 12 doubles and a bomb. I'm sure the opposing coaches were furious though, 43 runs is 43 runs. What do you say to your team if you're that San Gabriel coach? Just didn't have it today? Wasn't our day? If we play then 10 times we beat them 8? You kind of just have to pack up, get on the bus, burn the baseball and never speak of this ass kicking again. 

This quote by the Montebello coach is pretty laugh out loud funny, “It could have been 60 runs to be honest, we weren’t trying to embarrass anyone". Weren't trying to embarrass anyone? You beat them by 43! If they had scored 60 there would have been multiple fights on the field and in the parking lot. I think 43-0 is more embarrassing than 60-0. And maybe the best part, earlier last week Montebello beat San Gabriel 28-1. So they're on a 71-1 run against San Gabriel. I think it's safe to say this rivalry is over, nothing to see here. Now I have to check and see if this Montebello team is a wagon or if they just had a good week. Currently their run differential is +94 so I think they're good.

PS. You know it's bad when they go with the picture of just the baseball as the picture for the game, that's never a good sign.