I Truly Believe That George Springer Hit This Ball Into Outer Space

It seems like George Springer is going to like being a Blue Jay. He missed the first 22 games of the season and in his third game as a Jay he went yaya twice. The first one was an oppo taco, put a nice little swing on it and sent it out to right. But Springer wasn't done, he wanted to double dip. 3-0 count and Springer absolutely unloads on this one. 470 feet with an exit velocity of 116 MPH to be exact. This ball was absolutely demolished and as you know, there is a school out there beyond left field, Mike Trout hit it after hitting one 444 feet. So since Springer's was 470 feet his ball may be rolling around on the roof of that school, if not completely clearing it. Honest to god I don't think it ever came down and is still flying through the atmosphere on its way to outer space. The best part is the left fielder still standing in place. Can't even bother to turn around to see it fly.

An absolute piss missile. It was nice of them to put up that netting to protect the school, but you're going to need higher nets there if Springer keeps hitting dingers like this. I also love how you completely lose the ball with no stands out there in left. This ballpark is perfect for weird home runs and I love it. I kind of hope the Jays never go back to Toronto.