The Ravens Drafted An Absolute Mountain Of A Man In Guard Ben Cleveland

I mean what a beast of a human. I'm pretty sure when the term "absolute unit" was coined, it was about Ben Cleveland. Imagine being a backer in the AFC North and trying to look into the backfield to see whether Lamar Jackson is giving it to JK Dobbins or keeping it. That's already a tough enough assignment as it is. Then you see this brick house pulling downhill into your gap? Prayers to ya my friend. 

Love this pick all day all night. They call him Big Country for a reason. The guy gets hungry for a snack and literally walks outside and hunts it down.

You cannot get more Big Country than that. Apologies to Kyle Rudolph and others who have tried to laid claim to the nickname, but this right here is the real Big Country.

Could not love this pick more for a late 3rd rounder. Coach Harbs wanted this guy bad. So much so that he was practically begging EDC to move up to get him.

EDC knew better how the 3rd round would play out and didn't bite, and we got our guy anyway. Run-blocking machine for a team that loves to do exactly that. He's gonna compete for a starting job from day 1 and who knows? Could be the next great guard in Baltimore after the retirement of Marshal Yanda.

Welcome to Baltimore, Big Country.