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"We May Have To Talk About Staying Off That Bus He's On" - Titans GM Jon Robinson To Second Round Pick Dillon Radunz When Talking About Radnuz Loving Taylor Lewan

Jon!!! What are you doing?!?! I thought you were for the boys? Titans second round pick, Dillon Radunz had his introductory call with the Titans GM and Head Coach Mike Vrabel yesterday and one of the things Radunz had mentioned was that he loved watching Taylor Lewan and how he worked. If we're being honest Lewan is the perfect guy for a young offensive lineman to model their game after. Naturally he'll be a guest on Bussin' With The Boys soon, but it sounds like he may have to get the ok from Robinson before he puts those headphones on.

Vrabel has been on it, that is where the famous "would you cut your penis off for a Super Bowl" question came from. It became a rallying cry for the team, guys coming together to try and win and eventually have their coach cut his penis off. Why would you not want your second round pick on the bus? Get him nice and comfy and cozy with Taylor and Will, build up that chemistry with one of the gushes gonna be lining up with on the line. Can't act like going on the bus is a bad thing! If you go on the bus you end up in the Pro Bowl, that's the Barstool/Bussin bump. 

Jon Robinson should be begging Taylor and Will to get Dillon on that bus. It is funny that the General Manager of an NFL is talking about a podcast with the draft pick minutes after he got picked, shows the impact and reach that BTWB has in the city of Nashville,  but no free ads.