Mets Reaction May 1, 2021: The Cowards of the County

The New York Mets are not only the worst hitting team in baseball, but they are also the biggest wimps as they dropped into last place with a 2-1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies. The key moment of the game came in the eighth inning when Jose Alvarado shoved it down their throats, and the Mets backed down and cowered in the corner. It was the second incident involving Alvardo and the Mets this season. On April 13th, Alvarado plunked Michael Conforto, and a had verbal confrontation with Dom Smith. It was Smith who again was the recipient of Alvarado's histrionics as he struck out with the tying and go-ahead runs on base. The benches cleared, but the Phillies pumped out their chest as the Mets acted like a team that was scared and glad there was no fight. 

The Phillies won the game in the second inning when James  McCan't the latest in a long line of terrible Mets' catchers since Paul LoDuca allowed two runs to score when he failed to squeeze an inning-ending strikeout. McCan't also hit into a double play after the Mets ended their 21-inning scoreless streak, preventing the tying run from scoring in the sixth inning. The Mets limp, pathetic, impotent, incompetent, putrid, pathetic feeble offense had just one hit in 14 at-bats with Runners in Scoring Position. It is a shame that the Mets' pitching has been so good without any reward as the offense is on pace to be the worst in baseball history. Fittingly the game ended with the grand bust Francisco Lindor bouncing out to first to end the game. 

Watching the postgame press conference from Luis Rojas, it became clear who is the leader of this brigade of gutless, heartless, ball-less cowards. Rojas, who has made excuses all month, showed the spirit of a corpse when discussing the Alvarado incident. He is the leader, and the Mets mirror his spunk and spirit, both of which are nonexistent. 

The Mets have made no adjustments to fix their struggles, as Rojas believes they are playing fine; they are just cold. Yet the other teams play in the same weather. Does this mean the Mets' good pitching is only due to the weather? However, what is the reason for the bad at-bats with RISP? To me, it is all about approach, and the Mets just keep doing the same thing especially, Francisco Lindor, who could be on the way to being the biggest bust on a team with its share of tremendous busts. Watching in-game decisions, post-game pressers, and the lack of spirit and energy, it is clear that Luis Rojas is not a major league manager and must be fired ASAP. The longer he stays, the more unfixable this becomes. The Mets are the product of their manager, and that is gutless, heartless, and hopeless.