Jayson Tatum Is A Gift From God Himself

Maddie Malhotra. Getty Images.


Jayson motherfucking Tatum. I don't even know what to say. I am blogging this on pure emotion right now. What an absolutely wild night of basketball. From the worst performance of the season to maybe one of the best wins you'll ever see all over the course of 48 minutes. Jayson Tatum going out and dropping 60 FUCKING POINTS to tie Larry Bird for the most points in a game in Celtics history. I can't believe they really pulled it off. This is why you can never quit on this team. Ever. As frustrating and infuriating as they can be, you have to believe.

What we saw tonight from Jayson Tatum was special. Big time special. He was the only player who showed up at the start of the game and when this team needed him most, Tatum delivered and then some. Put the team on his back like you goddamn read about. 60 fucking points. I can't stop saying it. 60 points. 6-0. Huge clutch shot after huge clutch shot. Aggressive drives to the rim, dagger midrange buckets and killer threes in huge moments. I'm shaking just thinking about what we witnessed. One of the best individual performances in Celtics history.

Then you realize they also came back from 32 points against a good Spurs team who could not miss to start this game, it's even better. Had this all come in a loss we couldn't celebrate it the same. But it didn't. The Celts somehow pulled it out because Jayson fucking Tatum would not allow them to lose.

More tomorrow. For now we drink