No Moment Gets Your Juices Flowing And A Crowd Going Nuts More Than The Turn For The Home Stretch In Horse Racing

Eddie and the Chicago guys dropped a special second Dog Walk snake draft episode yesterday with myself and Elio on there. What else would we talk about? Horse racing shit. Obviously it makes all the sense in the world with the Derby today. But I wanted to talk about something specific. Something that needs to be talked about more in fact. 

The moment the horses turn for home is the most exciting moment in sports. Just watch this quick: 

Anndddd down the stretch they come. Nothing like it, man. Throw in a big time race like the Kentucky Derby and that moment is just intensified. Why? Because everything is alive, for the most part. It's unlike anything else in sports. Oh your horse is in like 8th? No big deal. It's a closer, at least that's what you start telling yourself. For that brief moment as they make the turn and start the stretch you're alive. Your horse is in the lead? Awesome. Now it's the longest like 30 seconds of your life. You start acting like this to get your guy home: 

But back to this specific moment. Just listen to the call in that video I put in this blog. Larry Collmus has the voice to make it all even better too. Or look at this picture: 

A shit ton of horses bunched up coming down the stretch. You can talk yourself into about 5 or 6 horses to win this thing. You simply can't get that in any other sport. Clearly I love basketball. But there's no individual moment like this. The game-winning basket? You don't know about that until the game is over. Same for basically every other sport. With horse racing it's in the moment. It's before anything is decided. I'm already fucking jazzed up for today's Derby because there will be so many horses making that turn within striking distance. 

Anywho, catch up on the snake draft here: