White Sox Fans Erupted At Sox Park When They Announced The Bears Drafted Justin Fields On The Scoreboard Last Night

I love this city. Just an eruption of 10,000 fans going WILD for the Justin Fields news drop. Just cannot beat this feeling right now. This is the highest I’ve been as a sports fan in a long, LONG time. Sox are 8-2 in their last 10, the Bears have what we hope is a franchise QB, Summertime Chi is around the corner, girls are looking to go wild (literally) after missing a year of being able to do so and the pandemic looks to be approaching its death. Incredible.

Oh, and Northwestern had 2 first rounders last night and are going to be perennial contenders in the B1G West for as long as Fitz is at the helm. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m no longer a miserable sports fan, or at least I’m not in this very moment. Keep me here forever, please. I feel great today.

PS - wtf do you think Cease and the rest of the players on the field were thinking? “Uhhhh the ball isn’t even in play, wtf are these guys cheering for?” Kinda surreal. Obviously it’s WILDLY different circumstances, but this kinda reminded me of when we killed Bin Laden and it was reported on Sunday night baseball: