Eddie Jackson Threw SHADE A Mitch, Foles, Dalton And Every Bears' QB Ever On IG Live Last Night

Fucking GOOD. It is about goddamn time. I've lived 32 years, and Jay Cutler is the best QB of my lifetime by FAR.... and he was just pretty good. Solid to win a Super Bowl if properly built around. By no means awesome or anything like that and on the flip side, the fucking Packers have had Hall of Fame QB play my entire life. It is a sad, sad 30ish year stretch.

And I am by no means guaranteeing to myself or anyone else that Fields will be great. I don't have the football acumen to make a statement like that. I do know that he had legit 1-1 talk at multiple stretches throughout the last year or so and I am happy the Bears got him. I said this on Red Line Radio last night - this isn't Mitch in any way. Sure, he might be a bust and as a Bears fan we have PTSD from poor QB play, but in 5 years from now I don't think anyone will be looking back and say, "what a stupid fucking move" like we're doing with Mitch right now. That was always a head scratcher. This one isn't. Let's just hope he taps into his ceiling and becomes a top 10 QB in due time.

Back to Jackson though - we feel you. It must have been awful taking the field every Sunday knowing you basically have to pitch a shutout to win a ballgame. That's gotta really wear on a defense's psyche. I'm sure Jackson has no ill will towards Mitch, Foles, Dalton or anyone else as people, but he knows as well as we do that those guys ain't it. They're not leading the Bears to anything more than a first round exit in the playoffs at best. With Fields now in play, there's at least an element of the unknown. There's hope that he *could* be something great, and hope is a powerful drug. It's my drug of choice, in fact.

Bear the fuck down. The 30 second stretch where myself, Eddie and Chief won the BEC and then got wind that The Bears traded up to take Fields was EXHILIRATING: 

For a split second I thought that little cunt Carl was fucking with us because we were focused on the BEC and the Bears still had 9 picks to go before they selected. The timing was a little bit too peculiar to me but credit to him for not being *completely* full of shit. Going from hitting the BEC to Gooddell giving a 20 minute soliloquy about god knows what was the best few minutes of my entire life. 

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