T-Pain Just Found Out He's Been Ignoring Celebrities On Instagram For Years


That's a nightmare. Who KNOWS what was in that treasure trove of DMs that T-Pain never saw. Diplo is in there, Fergie is in there, even Gaz is in there!



All left unanswered because Mr. Pain didn't know there was another folder where DMs are filtered into. I wonder if at any time over the last 2 years he felt it was odd nobody was ever DM'ing him. Who is he, Barstool Nate?! Hahaha, you get it. But now T has to play catchup and reply to years old messages.




What a whole new lease on life T-Pain now has after finding out all these people want to work with him. On the other hand, can't imagine how many parties, orgies, and DM slides from hot chix he missed. He's going to be down bad when he opens some of those DMs, that's for sure.