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The Rough n Rowdy Of Gaming - Four Loko Fridays First Card IS LIVE NOW

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Welcome one, welcome all to the FIRST Four Loko Friday Event.

If you would like to read up on the rules and/or how to enter future events, read this blog.

Starting at 2pm EST, we will be live on Twitch for our first Four Loko Friday Card.


Bonzer v Braindead Bernie

Bonzergorgon, notorious member of General Smitty's "Common Man Crew" and has been featured as a Fortnite Tutor on HBO (not kidding - talk about a master swindler).

Braindead Bernie - best known for being a notorious positive stream sniper for our friend of the program, Nickmercs and more.

One of the biggest moments in Bernie's career was killing a hacker that was in Symfuhny's, Cloakzy's, and Tfue's lobby.

Opening Matchup

Young Leg - FIFA Icon 


Dr. Vodka - One of our honorable Twitch Mods