EVERYONE Should Know The Story Of Horse Racing's Royal Family That Ended With Murder And Suicide

The Vanderbilts, the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the...Woodwards? An unbelievably posh and wealthy family who's name has disappeared to time because of the worst tragedy imaginable. This is one of those stories that is just BEGGING to be made into an HBO miniseries. Hell, I'd settle for a Ken Burns PBS documentary because after doing the research on the Woodwards I am just left wanting more. This story reminds me of that scene early in "The Departed" where Di Caprio is going through his interview with Wahlberg and Martin Sheen and he throws out the Hawthorne quote about how families are always rising and falling in America. Never has that been more true than with the Woodwards. A family that turned a contract for cotton with the Confederate Army in the Civil War into a Horse Racing dynasty. Then their story abruptly ends with murder and suicide and those deaths fundamentally changed the sport of Horse Racing in America...forever. It's incredible. That is right up my alley. I need the next season of Peaky Blinders to work in a storyline with the Woodwards because William Woodward was also good buds with the fucking King of England. Unbelievable story. Unfathomable generational tragedy. A story I would like told dramatically for my own entertainment. When you're sitting around this weekend drinking cocktails and betting horses at Arlington, the Oaks, or the Derby drop the nuggets from this podcast and blow everyone's mind.