It Appears That Rodgers To The Broncos Is "As Close To A Done Deal As It Can Be"

Well isn't this just fucking wonderful. 

When I woke up today I didn't think today would be the day I lost my quarterback, but that's truly my fault for being so damn stupid as to think the Packers hadn't secretly continued to fuck things up with Aaron Rodgers this offseason. Why would I have for a second doubted that the organization that moved up to take a qb in the first round last year would be doing anything else? Because he took them to the NFC Championship game this year? Nope, that couldn't be it, he did that the year before too and they spit in his face. Maybe it was because he was the MVP this year? Maybe that would make them realize what a gd treasure they have and they could for once appreciate what's right in front of them? 

Nope. Clearly not. 

Instead it seems Rodgers may be heading all the way to Denver to find that appreciation. 

Good for him. 

The Packers stopped deserving him a year ago.

*Update... sort of. Who fucking knows.*