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Classic Clip: Harrison Ford's Reaction To David Blaine's Card Trick Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

One pre-Internet night many moons ago when I was partying down the Cape with friends, a magician ended up back at the place we were staying. He had me place a penny in my hand then make a fist. Next, he simply tapped on the back of my hand and and told me to open it. In my palm was now a dime. I was shocked to shit because I had no fucking clue how he did it and still don't. (He also explained to us how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty "disappear" and it was so fucking lame that I'm not even gonna link to it here.)

So I can not imagine how blown away Harrison Ford was to have his playing card end up inside of a goddamn unpeeled orange. I totally understand him telling Blaine to "get the fuck outta my house" like he was a one-armed man. I know most 'magic' and illusions have simple explanations. But I'll be goddamned if there's anything simple about making a randomly-chosen card appear inside of a piece of fresh fruit. 

By the way, the clip above 100% explains how Ford went from this (first 22 seconds)...

To this...

(My man 610 blogged this years ago but the vids don't come up anymore so here's an updated version.)