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Aaron Rodgers Allegedly Told The Packers "Trade Or No Trade, I'm Not Coming Back"

What the fuck is wrong with this organization? Why do they do the things they do? Does the front office not like to win? Do they have an issue with being happy? They had the most talented quarterback to ever play the game committed to their orgnaziation for the remainder of his career. The lazy, complacent coach was gone and the shiny new guy became buddies with their future HOF quarterback. Together they took the team to the NFC Championship game on their very first year. The locker room was bursting with love and the future was brimming with hope. 

Then they decided to spit in his face and move up to draft a backup qb, without even giving Aaron Rodgers the respect of a heads up. 

Now one year later, if these sources are accurate, that same organization told him they would trade him, but then were like "SIKE!" Instead they decided that Brian Gutekunst, Mark Murphy, and Matt LaFleur would all take turns flying out west to convince Rodgers to stay with such a loving and committed front office. Except because Rodgers isn't exactly an idiot, he decided he wants out; he has seen how they value him, he knows he deserves more, and he's done playing this unbelievably idiotic game. 

So yeah, buckle up because there are plenty of long-buried bombs just waiting to go off. 

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