Everybody Deserves To Be Happy So The Packers Should Trade Aaron Rodgers To Make Him Happy

I saw this and it brought out the humane side of me. It's not about the Packers. It's not about the Bears. It's about Aaron, who as a human being should be allowed to be happy and if that's by being traded then Green Bay should grant that request plain and simple.

I know it might be a tough pill to swallow for the people of Green Bay, but they had their fun. It was a nice run that resulted in one championship and they should all be in agreement that it's time to do what's best for Aaron. They can't have two disgruntled Hall of Fame Quarterbacks can they?! 

I don't think so either so it may be best to even play it safe by just releasing him so he can choose his next stop that will ensure happiness.

- Signed a man that just wants to see people be happy

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