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The Fara 83 Is About To Become The King Of Warzone

If you don't know already, the Fara 83 is insane to use in Warzone. Don't believe me? Pick up any version of the ground loot weapon and see if it has ANY recoil. I mean the gun doesn't move!?

Yes, as you can tell, this is going to be a nerdy gaming blog but I'm here to serve the Stoolies as the deliverer of the Warzone Meta. I want/need Stoolies to #HOLDTHELINE in Verdansk. 

Watch this YouTube video for a 23 kill gameplay using the Fara (not even fully ranked up). This just showcases the guns power.

Now, I am a player that likes to snipe and get into people's faces. So, I don't know if the Fara is the right gun for me. Thankfully, we are about to enter such a balanced version of Warzone, that a TON of different weapons are viable. The Fara is best for medium-closer range engagements (10m+ away).

Also, use the Amax before it gets nerfed. Trust me. 

Once I have the gun fully ranked up, I'll drop a blog and YouTube video with my favorite loadout.

Tweet me your favorite guns to use in Warzone.