The NHL Debut No Bucky Solo Warmup Lap Is Quickly Becoming The Greatest Tradition In Sports

The 2021 En Eff El Draft goes down later tonight. And say what you want about Roger Goodell, but I've always thought that the draft picks dapping up Big Rog has been one of the cooler "welcome to the big leagues" moments that an athlete can have. It's the true sign that you've made it. 

But if there's one tradition out there in sports right now that is quickly taking over the Goodell dap as the best way to make your entrance into a pro league, it's the NHL Debut solo lap hold the bucket. 

Last night Quinton Byfield made his debut with the LA Kings. Snaps off a couple of shots, gets those hands loose, generates a decent amount of speed around the blueline, and does it all with the wind ripping through his hair. Earlier in the week we saw Cole Caufield do the same in his debut with the Montreal Canadiens. 

You think a total beautician like Caufield was going to waste a single moment of that solo lap with a helmet on his head? For sure not. The lettuce has wayyyyy too much volume for that. Gotta let that salad air dry. Same goes for Trevor Zegras when he got his first call up with the Ducks a while back. 

These kids may just be 18, 19, 20-years-old, but they've still been waiting their entire lives for this moment. Just waiting for the day to come that they're allowed to head out there during warmies and keep the helmet in the dressing stall. It's a moment and a feeling that most of us will never fully be able to experience and appreciate. Not only is it a true sign that you've made it, but you look like an absolute stallion in the process. Hands down a top 5 tradition in sports right now, and it's rocketing its way up the power rankings.