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Attempting To Communicate With WhiteSoxDave Is Like Speaking A Foreign Language

This picture and the following video speak for themselves.

I mean talk about absolutely panicking and not understanding basic human language. This was during crunch time in Warzone, I needed a sniper (they talk about the snipes) and Dave dropped me everything he had, except the sniper. I literally couldn't believe my eyes.

On top of that, Dave then proceeded to run into the gas (which kills you after a certain time), to buy our 4th teammate, Litty Kong, back into the game. There was only one problem - THERE WAS NO BUY STATION AROUND.

WSD is truly special and I'm not sure what I got myself into here with this army, but the General and I need to get some of these recruits back into boot camp.

My whole journey with Barstool started with Smitty, WSD, Litty Kong (and later Himicane) when we won 8 straight games. Here's a recap video. (This was May of 2020 and I didn't get a haircut for over 2 months. RIPPPPP)

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