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Let Us Reminisce How Much Better The NFL Draft Was When Featured Only On Saturday And Sunday

Alas, the NFL Draft returns this evening in Cleveland. Why Cleveland, you ask? This obligatory video that is required to be posted in every blog related to the city should answer all your questions. 

But to the point of the first round being on Thursday like it has been since...2010??? Sweet Christ that's a long time ago. Look, I get it. 3 days of draft, including 2 night in Prime Time, means mucho dinero for the already billion dollar corporation known as the NFL. Greed is good for assholes like Gordon Gecko. And for dictators like Roger Goodell, money is God.

Now I know it's obviously been years since switched to this format, but it still irks me every time. The NFL Draft on a Saturday used to be the perfect all day event. Go over to a friend's house, start boozing at 10, light up the barbecue because it's getting nice outside, gamble all day on picks, ridicule Goodell for attempting to dap. A full day of fun. And it was perfect because there's a lot of downtime watching these things so drinking heavily responsibly throughout the day was the only way to go. Now you just have the first round on in the background for two hours. The closest thing you feel to a buzz is when you stare at Mel Kiper's hair for a couple minutes and start to get dizzy. 

It'll never happen again, but just remember how amazing those sunny Spring days were way back when. If we can't get the NFL Draft back on the weekends at least bring back the helmet phones for each team. Get on it, Goodell.