Alright Mets Fans, It's Time For 15 Minutes Of Positive Mental Attitude Meditation

I got this sent to me on Twitter last week but was waiting for the perfect time to throw it up on the blog and I'd say the Mets combining to score one run off of what I must assume are AL Cy Young contenders Garrett Richards and Nick Pivetta while saddling Jacob deGrom with ANOTHER tough luck L fit the bill. You know why? Because. I. Am. Starting. To. Lose. My. Fucking. Mind. 

I can take when my team gets outplayed by another team. That's baseball Suzyn. Actually no. That's sports Suzyn, if not life Suzyn. But what drives me mad is when every loss falls at the feet of the same unit, whether it's the offense, bullpen, or starters. And I think it's safe to say that the worst offense in all of baseball is to blame right now.

Tweet in gif form:

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I could go on a long rant about the Mets bats being feeble and how SOMETHING needs to be done, but Frank pretty much covered all that here in what must be an orgasmic time for his black Mets fan soul. So I'll save my rant for today's We Gotta Believe and instead get into the right mindset on today's much needed night off by throwing a 3Chi in (promo code PODS for 5% off your order) and watching this meditation video on loop to load up on positive vibes until first pitch tomorrow vs. the Phils so I don't go down the path of darkness that led to Frank becoming the Darth Vader of #MetsTwitter.