Start Your Draft Day With Mel Kiper Being Spot-On About His Predictions

If we're being honest, I'll admit that Mel Kiper has never been one of my go-to sources for draft intel. But still, the man deserves credit for clawing his way to the top of the Draft Pundit mountain decades ago and staying there. There's no denying that he's been the apex of that ecosystem and no one has come close to knocking him off.

As such, the internet is lousy with clips of his wrong predictions. Saying JaMarcus Russell will be a top five quarterback in the league and so on. And I think his on-point analysis and uncannily accurate predictions deserve some equal time. I've always been convinced that a lot of what he does is a parlor trick. Throw out a few phrases like "arm angle" and "short area burst" and people naturally think you've done your homework on a guy. And I'm convinced that after the first 100 picks or so, he's got interns in his earpiece reading the players' profiles so Mel can sound like he's speaking extemporaneously. But the man has made a ton of great calls in his day while building an empire. And that is worthy of acknowledgement.