The Celtics Have Been So Pathetic This Season That They Even Broke Mike Gorman

For pretty much my entire life, I've lived by one main rule. Whenever Mike Gorman speaks, you listen. Especially when he's talking about Celtics basketball. That man has seen more Celtics basketball than everyone reading this blog combined. He's seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. When they were an unstoppable force to when they lost 18 in a row. Not only is he a living legend and one of the best to ever call a game, but he doesn't bullshit. It's also fair to say that he's generally pretty positive when it comes to this team. He tends to look on the bright side of things.

Listen to that clip again. 

This team and their obsession with being wildly inconsistent and overall refusal to stop underachieving has broken Mike Gorman. If you listened to the broadcast last night you could hear the disgust in his voice. It's not the first time we've heard something like this, you may remember this from a few months ago before the All Star break

“Unfortunately, last time I looked, basketball is a team game, it’s not tennis, it’s a team game,” Gorman said. “They are just playing like they met on the bus on the way over. It’s really sad to watch these guys right now.”

“This team needs to be more unselfish, and it needs to start at the top, and the top right now is Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and they need to respond. They can go have their weekend in Atlanta, they can go play [the All-Star Game]. But when they come back to business here in Boston, they’ve got to start thinking about winning games and not about getting numbers.”

I didn't even know it was possible to break Gorman, but this team has found a way. I hate that they are forcing me to do the one thing I've basically never done before in my life, which is disagree with Mike Gorman. Maybe that makes me an idiot, which is certainly possible, but I also think maybe he was just a little frustrated coming off last night's disaster just like we all were. 

I also think the "moving forward" part is more about the rest of this season as opposed to future seasons. It's clear that when it comes to leadership, the Jays have struggled at times this season. I think that's fair criticism. As the best players on the team and the franchise cornerstones, that comes with the territory. I'm sure this will be taken as he feels like they need to be broken up, but I didn't take it that way. They just aren't ready to be the leaders we all thought at ages 24 and 23 and that has had a negative impact on this season. That's not exactly new, just look around the league. That's fairly common when talking about young stars. The only downside is outside of Kemba, there really isn't another guy on the roster who could fill that role. Smart hasn't really done it, the Jays struggle with it, so who is left. Tristan Thompson? 

Let's just think about this for a second. The same man who openly refused to trade Tyler Zeller is talking like this. That should tell you everything you need to know. I can't help but respect his opinion and how he views things, because Gorman is not some troll on Twitter who is just reciting what he hears on talk radio. What he says carries weight. This is the team broadcaster who is openly calling out the two best players...again. Either the team is giving him the go ahead because they can't say this themselves or Gorman has had enough to the point where he can't hold his tongue.

You know how the worst thing you could ever hear your parents say is that they weren't mad, but were disappointed? That's the vibe I get from listening to Gorman this season. That man is such a saint, he doesn't deserve this shit. 

This season has been weird and frustrating for a laundry list of reasons, but I have to admit I never thought we'd get here with Gorman. This is what happens when you play like assholes. Even the nicest human alive who does nothing but drink the Celtics Kool Aid with the rest of us can't even stand it.