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We've Got An Ump Show At The Brewers Game With One Of The Worst Calls I've Ever Seen

There have been a lot of really bad calls in Major League Baseball this year. We've had multiple replay reviews on plays at the plate where there was a blatantly obvious call to be made with the umpires choosing to go the opposite way for no reason at all. This obstruction call however, could be one of the worst I've ever seen. For starters, Isan Diaz ran the entire way in the grass, completely ignoring the base path designed for him to travel in. The ump proceeds to call obstruction on pitcher Zack Godley before the two are even remotely close to colliding with one another. Ump show city population Marty Foster. I actually think if you polled 100,000 people who watch baseball on a semi-regular basis and asked them to make a call on that play, no one is going to rule that obstruction. Not a single one. Brewers 1B coach Pat Murphy wanted Foster's head after that call and rightfully so. 

Respect to the Marlins broadcast playing along afterwards like this was the clear and correct call. They actually acknowledged that the Brewers were costing themselves a lot of runs for the day. Incredible display of lying. 

It continues to blow my mind how everything aside from balls and strikes isn't reviewable in baseball. You should be able to call someone with a brain and ask for their thoughts on any kind of play, even if it's a judgement call like this. That runner obviously ended up coming around to score for the fish all because Marty Foster is an asshole. If Manfred had any balls he'd punish umpires for this shit. How can you make that call and not be held accountable? Like Marty Foster should be forced to ump in Single A for a month after this shit.