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Another Team Has Announced They Wont Draft A Quarterback In The Top Ten: The Denver Broncos Have Traded For Teddy Bridgewater

Yesterday I wrote about Denver potentially not being all that interested in selecting the fourth best quarterback available. Today, the Denver Broncos agreed publicly. They bring in Teddy Bridgewater after the Panthers brought in Sam Darnold as the merry-go-round of mediocre quarterbacks rages on into the night. So now you've got the Jaguars, Jets, and 49ers locked in to taking the top three guys and then... whom? Did Jerry Jones panic and pay Dak Prescott too early? Many are saying so. 

We know Lawrence is going to the Jags. We know Wilson is going to the Jets. I believe Mac Jones is going third, that remains a point of contention, regardless, TWO of Jones, Fields and Lance will be available starting at four. The Falcons maybe should consider taking one of them, but that doesn't appear all that likely at this moment. The Bengals and Dolphins just took the top two quarterbacks last year, you'd assume they're all set. The Lions, Panthers and Broncos all just traded for quarterbacks. In fact, the Lions refused to trade Matt Stafford to the Broncos because the Broncos refused to include Drew Lock in that trade. Which points to both the Lions wanting to start the quarterback they eventually acquired (Jared Goff) and the Broncos being comfortable enough in a true competition between Lock and whomever else they brought in this offseason, which we now know to be Teddy "Hammercock" Bridgewater. I can't wait to see how that things plays at Mile High. 

The Cowboys, Giants and Eagles have the next three picks, I don't know if any of them love what they have at quarterback but I also don't think they want to go ahead and swap it out at this stage. The Football Team has Fitzmagic for a year, they are probably in the market and also probably can't piece together a fair trade with any of these three division rivals. The Chargers at 13 got the best quarterback a year ago, they're sitting pretty. Then you have Minnesota at 14, they legally can't move on from Kirk Cousins. 

You've got Bill Belichick sitting at 15 with the highest first round pick in need of a future quarterback. That doesn't mean Fields or Lance or Jones is going to fall into his lap. But you would assume he now holds the most leverage in terms of picks to move up should the Bears or Football Team now be pushing more chips onto the table. If the Lions or Panthers want more assets, they can trade out of Conference and potentially get the most in return in the same deal. In other words, I'm really looking forward to punching a hole in my wall when we trade back and take Kyle Trask in the third round or some shit. HOWEVER -

Until that comes to fruition, we're only putting positive vibes out into the universe. The Justin Fields to New England agenda rages onward, full steam ahead.