Bryce Harper Did Something That's Never Been Done Before In Baseball Or Human History

Well there's something you don't see every day. Or life. No, not the Phillies actually putting together a winning streak. We're talking about Bryce Harper pulling off something that's probably never been done before in human history - At least by accident. Sure, if you try to pull a ball in batting practice while 1000 people are out there throwing 1000 baseballs up at once for the specific outcome to happen and it'll eventually be done. But the odds have to be truly astronomical for a ball hit to make contact with another random ball thrown in the air. Good for Bryce, I guess. Still would've rather had an actual freaking win, but we'll get there, dammit. We'll get there. Maybe. 

Don't know the figures but still couldn't be as statistically likely as Randy Johnson killing the bird on a pitch. Not even a probability by numbers. Simply an Act Of God. 

PS - Wanna go really down the probability rabbit hole of a mindbottling? Check out how many possibilities there are from a random deck of cards shuffle. The chances there have never been the same shuffle done twice - EVER - is an extremely high possibility. Mind. Bottling.