Of Course Zack Wheeler Said He Was Not Allowed To Join His Mets Teammates In New York During The 2015 Playoffs And That He Was Told He'd Have To Buy His Own Tickets To Watch The Games

Nothing like a reminder of what life used to be like under the Wilpons as Mets fans complain about a team that is in first place at the end of April and last night booed a guy that actually took control of the Familiacoaster then safely brought it back in one piece.

We've long heard whispers of just how big of a shitshow the Mets organization was under the Wilpons, those whispers have gotten louder now that Uncle Stevie owns the team, and now we have ex-Mets willfully talking about it in a book.

Yet none of this is surprising. While other organizations would let someone they saw as a building block to the future experience a taste of what postseason baseball is all about, the Mets had Zack Wheeler rotting in rehab. Want to watch a playoff game that your teammates are playing in? Fuck you, pay me. 

Forget about the obvious benefits the Mets would've gotten by bringing Wheeler up like the amount of good will you would get with a player by showing you still care about him as he rehabs from a terrible injury or giving someone a taste of what playoff baseball is all about even though he can't play. I am convinced that Wheeler's elbow would've been healed instantly if Daniel Murphy touched it during his insane October run. Tommy John is an absolute pioneer of the game. But Playoff Murph is the closest thing to God that I have ever seen on a baseball diamond. 

I never get sick of watching these

Does a healthy Wheeler mean the Mets are able to overcome those #contact hungry Royals? Probably not. But it sure as shit doesn't hurt. Same as to whether Wheeler shaves a bit off what he asked for in free agency from the Mets old broke boi owners to keep him in New York. 

None of this matters though since what's done is done, both with Wheeler on the Phillies and Uncle Stevie in the owners box. So in case Jacob deGrom goes out, pitches/hits brilliantly, and once again gets fucked once again by his teammates, just remember it could be worse. So, so, so much worse.