I Had The Best Draft Of Oscar Winners Without a DOUBT

ICYMI, on our last ep we recapped the shitty Oscars and it's terrible ending, reviewed the new Mortal Kombat movie, and did a draft of Oscar Winners. As much as I really wanted to go with my brain and pick choices I knew the audience would vote for, I had to pick with my heart right from the top. Lets break it down:

No Country for Old Men: People are going to complain that I could have gotten it later in the draft, but I really had no choice. It is my personal #1 movie of all time and features one of the best supporting roles EVER from Javier Bardem. It has 8 Oscar Noms and won 4, so it has the hardware to justify the pick as well. 

Christian Bale (The Fighter): The Fighter is amazing for a lot of reasons, but Bale made that movie. He was unbelievable as Dicky Eklund and really poured so much into that performance, both physically and mentally. He lost a ton of weight and basically studied film of the real life Dicky to try and capture his exact cadence of speaking, moving and thinking. Acting is an art, and this was a Mona Lisa. 

Meryl Streep (Sophie's Choice): Kathy Bates was my personal #1, but I was happy getting Streep as my backup. That movie was fucking HEAVY and Streep was so good in a role that nobody ever would want to imagine themselves in. She's one of the best actresses ever and this was her career best, IMO.

Peter Jackson (LotR RTK): I know he isn't exactly a sexy choice, right? There are big names on the board who have much more "Film-ey" wins up there like FFC, Scorsese etc. Let me counter with this: Imagine being Peter Jackson putting together RTK. He shot all three movies over the course of about a year. The first two come out and have RAVE reviews! Cultural phenomenons! The hype is now built up going into this final movie of the trilogy with massive expectations to bring the whole thing home. And damned, if he didn't meet AND exceed those expectations! RTK is the best movie of the best trilogy of all time. It had ELEVEN noms and won EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. It was an unprecedented feat that I don't see being matched anytime in the near future, so give credit where it is due.

Spirited Away: I had to round out with arguably the greatest animated movie ever made. Miyazaki was in his bag on this one which took home not only the 2nd ever Oscar for best animated feature, but basically every other animation award in existence.