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How Team Tommey Clutched Up and Won the $50,000 Twitch Rivals Warzone Tournament

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Yesterday, Twitch Rivals hosted a Warzone Custom Match Tournament featuring some of the biggest streamers and content creators. This was one of the smoothest and most well ran Twitch Rivals I've seen, especially for Warzone. I was very skeptical going into the event.

Warzone custom matches are notoriously bad for connection issues. When you have the biggest creators all in one event, it needs to be as smooth as possible. Big shoutout to the Twitch Rivals Team for executing very well.

Prize Breakdown



The scoring style of the tournament was much better than previously. To keep it as basic as possible, you want to see players playing aggressive and hunting each other. As referenced from yesterday's blog:

Placement Determines Score Multiplier

1 Point per Kill

1st - 2.0x kill multiplier (every kill counts as 2 points)

2nd - 5th - 1.5x multiplier

6th - 15th - 1.3x multiplier

16th - 25th - 1.1x multiplier

26th+ - 1.0x multiplier

AKA - If one team gets 10 kills and a second place, they receive 15 points. The sum of the 5 games will determine the winning team.

Therefore, the key to scoring is all about kills. These teams will need to find the perfect balance between slaying and playing for end game.

In the past, the custom matches rewarded placement TOO high. This would make players play passively (think chewing the clock compared to air mailing it to DHop).


Going into Game 5, Aydan, Huskerrs and Rated were in the lead. They fragged out early but ending up dying mid 2nd or 3rd circle. This gave the Second place team, Tommey, Newbz and Almxnd, a chance to go for glory and completely frag out to try and pull off a miracle. This ending clip won the squad the game and each player won $3,000 for 1st place.

Words don't do it justice how insane this Game 5 ending was. If Almxnd and Newbz die in this game without the dub, they wouldn't have won the tournament. Wild buzzer beater Warzone win to say the least.

We also saw some crazy plays coming from Tommey, Kalei and Bloo