There Was A CRAZY Brawl At "Olive Garden" That Is Simply Unbelievable

So I've seen this video making its rounds on the internet and it's really grinding my gears. There is noooooo way this happened at an Olive Garden. When you're there, you're family! You aren't going to throw chairs let alone fists if you have a belly full of carbs thanks to the unlimited breadsticks, never-ending pasta, and a few carafes of the finest vino The Garden has in stock. That's just science. Plus look at the ambiance and decor. You don't feel like you have been whisked away to Tuscany mere seconds after you walked through the door in a strip mall parking lot. I mean there is a fucking JEEP in the dining room!

There is no way a classy establishment like Olive Garden would have a vehicle anywhere inside the premises. And those chairs being thrown? They'd have wheels on the bottom because Olive Garden is extra fancy. This guy can't believe it either.

Which is why nobody should be surprised that this fight actually took place at a Juicy Seafood Kickin Crab.

See? That is completely different. If you go to a place promoting the juiciness of its seafood with the word "kickin" on the sign, you are pretty much asking for a table to Fight Club, whereas at Olive Garden you can get a delightful full culinary tour of Italy for less than 20 bucks without ever leaving the good ol' U.S. of A.