Have To Love The Effort From This Dodgers Security Guard Going Balls To The Wall To Get Out Of The Way Of A Double

You have to applaud the effort here by this security guard in the Dodgers game last night. He has the tough job of sitting on the field on the right field line and.....well just kind of wait until something happens. Pitching change, he stands like 15 feet from the stands and just stares into the crowd daring someone to make his day. But most of the time it's a couple hours of sitting down watching baseball. But you've got to stay on your toes, you have to. He's behind the ball girl there too so he basically just chats with her for a few hours. 

He's sitting there when this ball is smoked, and I mean smoked down the line. He doesn't have time to wait to see if the ump calls it fair or foul, he's getting out of the way. He and the ball girl both dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge their way out of there. The ball girl picks up her chair and kind of just jogs away, but the security guard goes all out, Jason Bourne over the wall and shit. In one sweet motion too, grabs the chair and barrel rolls over the wall. 0 time to react, it's fight or flight baby. Just incredible instincts by him and a heads up play for sure. He'll be sore today from the fall, but at least he didn't take a 105 MPH screamer off the chest.

But what is his friend doing? There's another security down the line and instead of hopping over the wall like his buddy, he basically sprints INTO the play. I mean he's face to face with Jesse Winker. Chair and all, he's straight up blocking Winker from making a play. Eventually he just ducks down with his chair and Winker throws the ball in. That's a nightmare situation if you're that security guard. Sprinting onto the field of play while a ball is chasing you and the left fielder is trying to get the ball that is on your tail. He just hit the deck and was waiting for the play to be over. 

So you got one security guard doing whatever he can to not be involved in the play and you have another who thought his best plan would be to sprint onto the field. This is why you do all those trainings folks, be like security guard #1.