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This Kayaker Went To Hell And Back Again Fighting Tooth And Nail For This God Damn Baseball


Honest to god I've never seen a battle fought mono e mono more than this man vs literally nothing at all trying to get that mother fucking baseball. I'm crying laughing (3Chi promocode MMB) at his plight to fight off absolutely nobody, not a single soul on the planet, in order to get the baseball. If he hit an iceberg and sank right then and there in McCovey Cove, there wasn't another kayaker close enough to save him before drowning. But yet still, despite every last detail in his favor, he could not pick up that baseball. And when they cut back one final time and he whiffs again...but then turns the boat back towards his floating nemesis once more, it's the greatest cliffhanger since Inception. Some say to this day, this man is still trying to pick up that baseball.