If Justin Fields Falls To #20 And The Bears Don't Pick Him Then The Bears Need To Fire Pace On The Spot

If this situation plays out, Ryan Pace needs IMMEDIATELY. Not tomorrow. Not after breakfast. NOW. I don't know if Justin Fields is going to be a super star. I don't know if Fields will be a great quarterback. I do know that the Bears can't risk passing on another one if they have a guy like Fields fall into their laps at 20. If he's there then you sprint to the podium/zoom link and you get him wearing #2 in Chicago immediately. Have Andy Dalton be a nice stable pony for 8 games or even a year and then give Fields the keys to the car. I don't care about the reports that he may not love football, whatever that means. I don't care if he is a vegan or whatever. If he falls to 20 you take him because he make throws like this

That is the type of throw that made PFF describe him as the most accurate QB in the draft. Maybe there are red flags about him. Those red flags start to look like Bears orange if you squint your eyes enough and think about the time he got up from this hit

I was watching the Kevin Costner classic "Thirteen Days" about the Cuban Missile Crisis the other day(great movie if you haven't seen it). There is this scene where Bobby Kennedy is on the phone with someone at the UN ready to pull the plug on Illinois' own Adlai Stevenson literally during his speech to the international community about the Soviets putting nukes in Cuba. They thought Stevenson was a pussy so they were ready to pull the plug if he went soft on the USSR and put someone else in. That is what we need on draft day. If Pace and staff are ready to make a pick that is not Fields if Fields is there at 20 then someone needs a button to cut Pace's internet and a new GM should be appointed immediately. I don't know if this will stop the perpetual cycle of having shitty quarterbacks forever in Chicago but I do like Fields way more than I ever liked Trubisky as evident by this tweet from 4 years ago

I want a QB in this draft. The only guy I'd theoretically want at 20 who might be there, apparently, is Fields. If he is there and Pace tries to draft Rashawn Slater or some other middle of the first round offensive linemen then it is time for a full mutiny. You can't pass on a QB this talented when you've never drafted a QB this talented. That's a fact. Maybe that is obvious, but I am triggered today by two things…

Justified, but still hurt. 


93% of my followers on twitter fully anticipate the Bears doing something stupid on Draft Day and passing on Fields would certainly qualify as that. I want to go on the record that I am DONE with the Bears(for probably 4 months) if they pass on Fields at #20.