Today In "Fuck The Coronavirus" - Luis Robert Was Placed On IL With 'Flu Like Symptoms'

I am almost positive Lu got vaxxed, as most of the team did on the same day like 2 weeks back. Roughly 99% positive. As Hahn said, there's a solid shot it's just a little flu bug that bit Cease a week or so back. But if it's not, and if Lu is one of the EXTREMELY rare cases of someone contracting this fucking virus after getting vaxxed well.... someone else has to step up. The club called up Luis Gonzales in his place and let's just say that's a pretty big aberration in talent. Let's check some notes:

- Grandal hasn't hit at all
- Pito has been kinda inconsistent
- Moncada has been sort of inconsistent
- Garcia has been flat out bad 

And all those guys needs to pick it up, hopefully for only a game or two and if Lu does have the Rona, for the next few weeks. Thank God they're playing a dog shit Detroit team starting tonight and thank god the pitching has been awesome. Losing Lu isn't a death sentence, there's plenty of offense elsewhere where they can at very worst tread water. 

We're practicing positive vibes only right now, folks. Let's sweep this dogshit Detroit team, get Lu back, and then start to pull away on the rest of the Central.

See everyone at the park tonight. Let's rock. Queue the music