If Dodger Fans Are Still Upset With Fernando Tatis Jr. Peeking At The Catchers Signs They Won't Like This Video Of Cody Bellinger

On no, please nobody show this to Bill Plaschke and the other Dodgers fans who are crying about Fernando Tatis Jr. "peeking" at the catcher this weekend. You know the story, Tatis Jr. hit roughly 43 home runs this weekend against the Dodgers and made Dodger Stadium his own personal playground. He did whatever he wanted and no one was going to stop him. On one of the homers he appeared to peek down at Will Smith and see where the catcher was setting up. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, who knows. But it looks suspicious and not great for Tatis Jr. Bauer and Dave Roberts were less than thrilled and Roberts' comments after the game suggest maybe Tatis Jr. would need to keep his head on a swivel the next time they played or if he did it to another team. Kind of a threatening message from the skipper. Maybe the Dodgers should work on keeping their signs hidden a little better? 

Thats why it must make Dodgers fans SICK to their stomach seeing that their guy Cody Bellinger may have been taking a peek at the Angels catcher back in 2020. My guy Max here with the Sherlock Holmes investigation tweeted this out last season and held onto the receipts. Roberts may need to walk back those quotes and threats regarding Tatis Jr. and address the Belli starring down video. Unless it was just Bellinger looking at home plate, or maybe trying to take a peek at the catcher's cleats. Bellinger seemed to hide his peeks a little better, just moving his eyes down a few times, Tatis Jr. did the whole damn head. Bellinger would probably be able to get say he was trying to get something out of his eye, or its just a nervous tic or something. But either way it looks pretty much like he's taking a peek down at the catcher. So maybe the Dodgers need to address the cheating in their locker room and not worry so much about the opposition. I just hope someone is with Bill Plaschke when he sees this, he'll need a shoulder to lean on. 

And lets get this straight. It isn't illegal to look at signs that the catcher is putting down, it's not illegal to look where he's setting up. What the Astros did is illegal, this is just little league stuff. It's heavily frowned upon, but neither Tatis Jr. or Bellinger are breaking rules. There are legal way to steal signs and this is what they're doing. If you get upset a guy is looking at your signs you should probably change how you're doing business.