Aaron Boone Fought Back Tears As He Accused The Umpires Of Bullying Him Into Submission

I hope Manfred is listening. You can't have the umpires taking control of the game like this. You can't have these feckless thugs tossing out coaches for arguing every little thing. Safe, out, balls, strikes, who do these umpires think they are making these kinds of calls against the New York Yankees? Do you know how many rings they've won, bro? They hit the most home runs in the MLB in 2018, does that mean nothing to you? 

It's simple: if Aaron Boone wants a run scored you bow to him and count that run. I mean these guys have the worst record in the American League because of the ruthless umpires fixing games left and right. If you took these lawless vagabonds off the field there isn't a doubt in my mind the Bronx Bombers would've already clinched a playoff spot. The dogshit pitching staff wouldn't have yielded a single run. Rougned Odor wouldn't be the best hitter on the team. Aaron Hicks wouldn't be hitting in the heart of the lineup if the umps weren't forcing Boone with wedgies and swirlies, calling him poindexter and breaking his glasses, taking out his pocket protector and flinging it into a nearby ravine. This bullying needs to cease and cease now before the children learn lessons from these heinous criminals. 

PS - I really don't care if Boone was right to argue this specific call. I'll never for a second feel bad for these people.