Connor McDavid Sets Terrible Example For Kids, Buries A Linesman Into His Opponent's Bench

The entire hockey world is currently stroking off Connor McDavid for being the first player to notch 80 points this NHL season. In just 46 games so far this year, McJesus has put up 28 goals and 53 assists. He has 15 more points than his teammate Leon Draisaitl and at least 21 more points than anybody else in the league. 

But is this really the guy we want our children looking up to? The kind of guy who is going to bundle a linesman with reckless abandon and zero regard?

I seem to remember this type of thing basically ending the career of Dennis Wideman. Buddy got slapped with a 20-game suspension after crushing a linesman and then was out of the league just one year later. But will Gary Bettman go out of his way to suspend his sweet baby boy Connor? Of course not. Because he clearly cares more about having insane highlights like these being on display on the new broadcasts with ESPN and Turner than he does about the safety of the officiating crews. 

What a sick bastard.