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You Will Have Your Breath Taken Away Watching This Oscars Camera Director Perfectly Orchestrate Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Famous 1997 Acceptance Speech

First of all yes, this is a very old clip from the 1997 Oscars that is circling the interwebs. I gave it good healthy search through our backend to see if it was ever blogged and I came up with nothing. If you've seen it, just move on right along. I have a feeling a good chunk of you have not and I'm here to raise your stress levels to a new high on this beautiful Tuesday. Sure the Oscars are over and they stunk as usual, but back in the good ol' days this shit was appointment TV. Enjoy. 

That clip right above is genius. That's a man who was born to do that job because he's better than everyone else. True magic. You watch him go to work and it's a thing of beauty. A leader of cameramen, knowing exactly what is needed for the right shot to create the perfect moment in time. What a fucking rush that was to see it all unfold. 

We all know Cuba Gooding Jr.'s famous Oscars acceptance speech after winning best supporting actor for Jerry Maguire. Not many know the behind the scenes work that went into making that short clip so famous. When we see a viral TV moment happen from a sporting event or awards show you never think about the guy in the truck who is calling all the shots, directing every camera angle, and when to put it on our TVs at home. We just watch like idiots and gaze at the screen not even considering the work that's being put in behind the scenes. 

Then you see this man, Louis J. Horvitz. A true unsung hero in this world. I'm equally amazed as I am out of breath after watching those two minutes and thirteen seconds. The stress I got alone after every time he snapped his fingers to grab the shot was too much to handle. You talk about a guy who has to come to work with his A game every time. My man has to get in that Steph Curry walking bucket type zone if the show is gonna be a smashing success. You distract him in anyway he has the right to kill you right then and there. I envision this man armed with a cross bow at his side ready to fire if any of his camera guys botch the moment. The fact that he not only has to watch the audience, but also pay attention to every little detail that's being said on the mic to know where to go. Just incredible. Go check out his IMDB page it's absolutely insane all the shit this guy does. I think he's the most impressive human being I've ever encountered. 

What's more stressful? That guy's job of running the whole show or the camera people who have to be in position every time he needs them? When he was yelling at 9, "FOREMAN AND ALI! FOREMAN AND ALI," I got so nervous. Way to be 9, never a doubt. I feel like a moment like that is harder than something like the Super Bowl right? At least with that you know to follow the ball for the most part and then have eyes on the fans. For sure still insanely difficult, but the unknown of an award show viral moment like that is impossible to prepare for. Bravo. 

P.S. If the Yankees fired Aaron Boone and hired this guy to manage the team they would instantly become World Series favorites.