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It's Amazing How Bad MLB Umpires Continue To Be Every Single Night

Baseball games were played last night so that means MLB umpires botched an easy call, it's a tale as old as time. Athletics - Rays got together in Tampa and we had a wonky play with Tony Kemp popping a pitch up. It gets lost in the lights or in the white roof and it is a mad dash to make the catch. Ball falls and Willy Adames scoops it up and throws home to try and get Elvis Andrus who was on his horse trying to score. Throw is off the mark just a little and that opens a lane for Andrus. He slides in as Mike Zunnino tries to make the tag. Home plate umpire, Sean Barber is literally right there. Staring right at home plate less than 4 feet away. Andrus' hand slides across home plate well before he's tagged. 

Barber calls him out. Andrus doesn't piss or moan, just kind of makes a face, knows his manager will challenge and the play will be overturned. He beat the tag, no question about it. Should have been the quickest review ever, right? Call to NY goes through, umps are on the headsets, come back and confirm the call of the field as out. Bob Melvin loses it, gets ejected, and rightfully so. Andrus hand was halfway across the plate before a tag was made? What on earth could the replay people be looking at to say that he wasn't safe? What is the point of having review if it keeps getting botched like this?

How does this keep happening every night? Umpires blowing call all the time has to stop somehow. And with review, I thought it was supposed to get the calls right? How are we not having these calls ruled correctly even after breaking the play down by every angle and speed for 4 minutes at time. It's unreal how many calls are still made wrong. This one may take the cake for worst blown call of the year so far. What's the next step here? If replay can't stop this stuff from happening how is it fixed because it's every single night this happens. It didn't come back to bite the A's because they won 2-1, but imagine if this costs them a game in October, I still can't even figure out how they got it wrong. And it's not like they got it wrong once and reversed it, they got it wrong TWICE! This may be worse than Alex Bohm's play at the plate on Sunday Night Baseball a few weeks back. I've never seen a guy more safe than Elvis Andrus.