I Will Be Betting Every Single Baseball Game The Rest Of The Year

If you are into baseball and have social media, Ryan Spaeder is one of the best follows out there. Dude pulls some insane stats out of his ass. Here are a few of good ones:

Tony Gwynn stats are all crazy to me

While the stats are cool and all, the main reason I mention Ryan is because of how smart he is. Dude's just really, really good with numbers. Published author to boot.  Well Ryan has become a friend of both mine and Barstool's over the years. He's been on our podcast, I speak with him almost daily about anything baseball/beer/bullshit and sports betting, now that it's legal in IL. At the start of the baseball season, he's been on the "Project 186 Parlay" where he does all his math stuff and parlays every single game at like +1billion odds. 

He's been making the rounds on different podcasts and even MLB Network to talk about the parlay. Where do I come in? Well he texts me his picks and I tail him for $5/ day. So far the closest we've he's come is going 12 and 2 out of 14 games I believe. The point is this: he will hit this parlay at one point or another this season and it will be awesome when he does. 

If you want to roll with us and are in MI or PA, download the Barstool Sportsbook app and bombs away:

If you're in Illinois and missed out downloading the app before they started making everyone go to a Penn property to register, then head on out to Hollywood Aurora, Hollywood Joliet or the Ameristar in East Chicago to have some fun with the bet with us. It's going to hit eventually and you'll be pissed you didn't get in on the action when it does. 

Let's go!